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The purpose of shared education is to -

(a) deliver educational benefits to children and young persons;
(b) promote the efficient and effective use of resources;
(c) promote equality of opportunity;
(d) promote good relations; and
(e) promote respect for identity, diversity and community cohesion.

Shared education means education together.

Our partner in shared education is Strabane Primary school. Our partnership has been strongly linked for 3 years. We are due to start our 4th year in September 2018. All classes from P4-P7 have been involved in shared sessions covering topics such as The Irish famine, Water, Local churches and WWll. The topics are taught through various areas of learning including: RE, WAU, UICT, PDMU, Literacy and Numeracy. Together we travel to various places, sharing experiences which will enhance our personal skills and widen our educational knowledge. BY the end of year 4 it is hoped that every pupil in each school will be involved in our shared learning experiences.

Feedback has been very positive from both pupils and staff thus far. The PFTA groups have shared ideas and now Sion Mills Primary will be hosting their very own Summer Fair this May. Mrs Cunningham from Sion Mills and Miss Finlay from Strabane Primary are the coordinators. They welcome any questions or feedback.

See class sections and newsletters for photographs and updates.


See this link for a short video on what Shared Education means to other schools involved in partnerships.